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Contents on Mar 31, 2018:


vinfox AG offers a range of services to businesses working with wine:
  • Are you a merchant and want to enhance your wine list with complete, standardized wine names, ratings and annotations? We can save you a lot of time and effort by linking your wines with our data.
  • Do you need a comprehensive, curated wine database for your own products? Then licensing vinfox DB or parts of it might be an option for you.

vinfox DB

Our comprehensive wine database forms the basis of our products and services. It is the ongoing core project of vinfox AG, started in 1996. We aim to maintain a fully normalized database of high quality:
  • All input from third party sources is screened before inserting it.
  • References to wines are linked to their original source and include the wine name used there. Having this information readily available helps resolving dubious cases.
  • Names are syntactically standardized to improve readability and comparison.
  • Many rules check the plausibility of the data. Redundant data is used to detect errors and outliers.

Maintaining a high quality means a continuous effort to correctly identify wines. While often trivial, it may sometimes require some knowledge of local wine laws or a producer's customs in other cases. Occasionally the identification is impossible without obtaining additional information.

vinfox DB can be accessed via an API implemented as a web service. Please contact us to request more information or a quote.


vinfox AG has a strong foundation in IT. We have developed a number of technologies which help us serving your specific needs, support us maintaining vinfox DB, and are also used in our products:
  • A document capturing pipeline to extract wine data not only from computer generated files, but also from human readable documents, even paper.
  • A database engine extension to efficiently recognize wines by their names.
  • A rule framework to standardize wine names, improve wine recognition, and automatically derive annotations.
  • Computer Vision algorithms to compare and rapidly recognize wine labels, also locally on mobile devices.
  • A "cloud computing" framework to keep subsets of vinfox DB and the user's wine data synchronised between mobile devices like smartphones or tablets and a server.