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Contents on May 27, 2018:
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If you are a wine lover or wine professional, there are a number of vinfox™ products you might be interested in:

vinfox online

vinfox is a comprehensive and up-to-date directory of the online and offline offers made by wine merchants in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It assists the wine connoisseur in his search for specific wines and well-priced offers as well as the professional in his daily work.

vinfox wine buyer's guide

The vinfox wine buyer's guide lists merchant's prices and ratings for almost all wines available in Switzerland. It is published towards the end of every year, the current issue being vinfox 2017 (in preparation).


vinfox-cave is the public version of the vinfox DB, designed to integrate all kinds of wine information. Accessing it is free.
  • Quickly check price and quality of 223'000 vintages.
  • Manage your wine collection or stock.
  • Produce reports of your data in PDF format.
The vinfox-cave App for the iPhone™ and iPad™ is much more than just another way to access vinfox-cave. It integrates a fully featured database on the device for your own wines and offers innovative features like label recognition and gesture control.
vinfox is a registered trademark of vinfox AG.